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Dental Implants in NYC


For the premier source in flawless, pain-free dental implants, NYC trusts the renowned professionals at Citi Dental group. We understand just how limiting an imperfect smile can be, wreaking havoc on your confidence in the face you show to the world. That's why our highly educated and experienced staff will work closely with you to design your perfect smile, enhancing your natural beauty while simultaneously taking years from your face. Our board-certified implant specialists know that dentistry involves more than simply caring for teeth, it's about caring for people and helping to improve lives. If you're ready to take a step toward the perfect smile you've always wanted, call us today for a consultation.

If you suffer from broken or missing teeth, the effects are more than just skin deep. In addition to causing an imbalanced or unattractive smile, broken and missing teeth allow bacteria, food particles, and other contaminants to invade the tooth, often beyond the gumline. This can cause inflammation, infection, or even an abscessed tooth, an extremely painful and potential harmful complication. An implant is a relatively simple and permanent procedure that can help protect the area and restore your teeth and gums to a healthy condition. The prosthetic tooth is held in place by a titanium screw, which fuses with your jawbone over time, making the replacement a permanent part of your smile. The implant, which will look and feel exactly the same as a natural tooth, also helps to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your teeth. Only you will know you've had the work done, and it won't be long before even you forget your natural teeth needed a little boost.

When you're ready for dental implants in NYC, Citi Dental Group is just a phone call away, ready to help you renovate your smile. We can handle your dental implant, from the initial extraction to placing the final tooth on top of the implant. If you have questions or concerns about the procedure, a licensed specialist is always on hand to answer your questions, and we even help manage the cost, offering 0% financing through Care Credit. Don't spend another day hiding a smile that you're not proud of. Call us for a consultation today, and get ready to face the world tomorrow!

A smiling woman who is happy with her dental implants.